FEATURED PHOTO: Into The Woods of Mount Pulag

COME. Let’s get into the woods of Mount Pulag…! Mount Pulag is the Philippines’ third highest mountain and Luzon’s highest. Endowed with such beauty so unimaginable and surreal, Mount Pulag is considered the “Playground of the Gods“.

"Into the Woods... of Mount Pulag!"

I chanced to have a thrill-packed weekend at Province of Benguet and conquered Mount Pulag National Park. Climbing MOUNT PULAG was my first major climb and by far, the most unforgettable climb I had in my life. Photos and words are not enough to show and describe the exquisite beauty of this SACRED MOUNTAIN.

“Into the Woods… of Mount Pulag!”
Mount Pulag National Park
Via Ambangeg Trail
Kabayan, Benguet Province

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