Experience MindaNOW: Inspiring the WORLD with our Beautiful Stories from Mindanao

Mention Mindanao to some Filipinos, especially those who have never stepped on any part of the island, and you will see a face of bewilderment. But when the brave one says “I’ve been there and it is a paradise”, it quickly turns to genuine surprise. For truly, Mindanao is an island of great surpriseS!

From DAVAO CITY, the center of Mindanao, this is “Experience MindaNOW: Inspiring the WORLD with our Beautiful Stories from Mindanao“.

Here we are endowed with natural wonders that would you make feel one with earth. Name it, we have it – verdant mountains and rolling hills, uninhabited islands and pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls and enchanting lakes, volcanoes, hotspring, coldspring, wild rivers, and more – name it, we have it. We have everything here.

ALIWAGWAG FALLS in Catee, Davao Oriental is said to be the Highest Waterfalls in the Philippines
Beautiful Islands abound in Mindanao
The imposing view of Mount Matutum in South Cotabato
The enchanting Agusan Marshland of Agusan Del Sur
The awe-inspiring scene at Baras Bird Sanctuary in Sultan Kuradat
Fruits of our Land
Our island is home to different groups of indigenous people in the Philippines

But that’s not all, our island is home to different groups of indigenous people in the Philippines. This is home to different vivid and vibrant cultures that define our diversity and uniqueness as Mindanawans. But even so, all of us live in harmony and in peace. Here, there is unity in diversity.

The colors and patterns of T’boli Culture
The weaving of Dagway Textile of the Mandayas in Davao Oriental

Inspired by the sights, sounds and colors of our Island Mindanao, we are collating our wonderful experiences as we wander around the many exciting sights and destinations in the island and share these inspiring beautiful stories to the world. We call this “Experience MindaNOW: Inspiring the WORLD with our Beautiful Stories from Mindanao”.

The Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Masjid, also known as the Grand Mosque of Cotabato, is the largest mosque in the Philippines.
The 52 year-old San Pedro Cathedral of Davao City is said to one of the most unique Churches in the Philippines.

We will travel to discover not only the stunning and interesting sights of our island but we will immerse ourselves with our brothers and sisters in different cultural communities, hoping to be one with them, eat with them, live with them, share their wanting, dreams and aspirations as a people, with the promise that when we leave, we tell the world of their stories.

MINDANAO boasts some of the most amazing destinations in the Philippines.

JOIN us as we move around our Island exploring beautiful places and experiencing culture at its best. These are our stories from MINDANAO. These can also be yours.

Experience Mindanao. Experience it NOW!

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