3 Regions | 10 Provinces | 20 days | Pho 10,000.00
This is #TheTravelTellerInVisayas Travel Series.

The Travel Teller In VisayasIt was a sudden plan. Or maybe something that came to mind out of boredom. Or maybe the itch to travel and challenge myself for something that I’ve never done before.

It all started when I wrote down all the 81 provinces in the Philippines and grouped them into the three major islands – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. As I checked the provinces that I have been to, I found out that I have visited more than half of Luzon. And since I am from Mindanao, I have visited most of the provinces we have there. When I checked provinces in the Visayas, I found out that out of the 16, I have gone only to 4 provinces.

4 out of 16. How come? I asked myself when Visayas can even be accessed by boat from northern part of Mindanao. And so out of nothing, this journey was made.


So what’s the plan? Honestly, no plan at all. Just pack my bag and fly to Visayas. No fixed IT. No bookings. Just couchsurfing. Staying with friends. Cheap hotels. Backpacking. Hitchhiking. Go with the flow. Free rides. Meeting new friends. And more.

THE CHALLENGE? Roam around the three regions in Visayas visiting the 10 Visayan Provinces with Php 10,000.00 budget. That’s the plan. That’s the challenge. That’s

If you’re on the road where I’m going, I will be very happy to meet you.


1. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY ONE
2. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY TWO
3. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY THREE
4. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY FOUR
5. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY FIVE
6. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY SIX
7. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY SEVEN
8. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY EIGHT
9. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY NINE
10. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY TEN
11. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY ELEVEN
12. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY TWELVE
13. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY THIRTEEN
14. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY FOURTEEN
15. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY FIFTEEN
16. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY SIXTEEN
17. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY SEVENTEEN
18. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY EIGHTEEN
19. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY NINETEEN
20. #TheTravelTellerInVisayas: DAY TWENTY


☑ Central Visayas Region
☑ Negros Island Region
☑ Western Visayas Region


☑ Province of Cebu
☑ Province of Bohol
☑ Province of Siquijor
☑ Province of Negros Oriental
☑ Province of Negros Occidental
☑ Province of Iloilo
☑ Province of Guimaras
☑ Province of Aklan
☑ Province of Capiz
☑ Province of Antique

Tintin and OlanPS: Tintin is traveling with me. My favorite little Travel Buddy!

SAYAW MINDANAW 2015: Mindanao’s Colorful Indigenous Dance Festival

An exceptional convergence of vibrant colors accompanied by rhythmic beats and graceful movements of different tribes of Mindanao were showcased in the recently concluded 30th Kadayawan sa Dabaw through the staging of Sayaw Mindanaw, an annual indigenous-based dance competition held in Davao City as part of the weeklong Kadayawan Festival celebration. For another year, I am so grateful to have witnessed such spectacular revelry.

DSC_0051Ten dance and theatre ensembles coming from different cities and towns in Mindanao converged at Davao City Recreation Center as finalists for the annual competition. Sayaw Mindanaw is regarded as one of the key events of the festival as it depicts the rich and vibrant culture and tradition of Mindanao portrayed though live indigenous music and theatrical dance narratives.

Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (3) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (4) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (5) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (8)Sayaw Mindanaw is open to all dance groups of students, out of school youth and community based performers though out Mindanao. Entries should be of theatrical dance narratives narrating Mindanao Indigenous Peoples’ epics, folklores and traditions.

Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (9) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (15) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (17) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (19) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (23) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (26) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (32)Butuan City’s Kadanao Dance Theater Collective was adjudged as this year’s Sayaw Mindanao Grand Champion. Second place went to Madayaw Cultural Ensemble from Davao City and Kathara Dance Theater Collective also from Davao City bagged the third prize.

Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (37) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (43) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (56) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (58) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (60) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (66) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (74) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (79) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (84)For the second year in a row, the Pantuyan National High School Dance Troupe of Caraga Davao Oriental bagged the special citation as Best in Research Material. This group represented the Mandaya Culture of Province of Davao Oriental.

Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (88) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (90) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (91) Sayaw Mindanaw 2015 (96) The staging of Sayaw Mindanaw every year as part of the Kadayawan Festival celebration is one great opportunity to better understand and appreciate Mindanao’s indigenous culture and traditions. Our diversity and multi-ethnicity make this island the most interesting cultural destination in the country.


SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 WINNING PERFORMANCE KADANAO DANCE THEATER COLLECTIVE from BUTUAN CITY is Sayaw Mindanaw 2015’s Grand Winner. Sayaw Mindanaw is one of the highlights of Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival.#KadayawanFestival2015#ByahengMindanaw#SayawMindanaw2015

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SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 – MADAYAW CULTURAL ENSEMBLE (1ST RUNNER UP)SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 – FIRST RUNNER UP MADAYAW CULTURAL ENSEMBLE – DAVAO CITYSayaw Mindanaw is one of the highlights of Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival.#K2015 #Kadayawan2015 #KadayawanSaDabaw2015 #KadayawanFestival2015 #SayawMindanaw2015

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SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 – KATHARA DANCE THEATER COLLECTIVE (2ND)SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 – SECOND RUNNER UPKATHARA DANCE THEATER COLLECTIVE – DAVAO CITYSayaw Mindanaw is one of the highlights of Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival.#K2015 #Kadayawan2015 #KadayawanSaDabaw2015 #KadayawanFestival2015 #SayawMindanaw2015

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TRIBUNG MANDAYA | SAYAW MINDANAW 2015SAYAW MINDANAW 2015 – PANTUYAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL | TRIBUNG MANDAYAPantuyan National High School Dance Troupe of CARAGA, DAVAO ORIENTAL joined AGAIN this year’s SAYAW MINDANAW in celebration of Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2015 representing the MANDAYA Indigenous People of our beloved Province of Davao Orientall. The group ended with special citation as BEST IN RESEARCH MATERIAL.Congratulations guys and thank si much for bringing PRIDE and HONOR to our PROVINCE!!! Watch it on HD please!#K2015 #Kadayawan2015 #KadayawanSaDabaw2015 #KadayawanFestival2015 #SayawMindanaw2015

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Sumptuous Sri Lanka – 5 Top Tips

Sri Lanka is known for its great history and culture and is one of the most popular locations in South East Asia. There are lots of remarkable and beautiful destinations and attractions to see and visit.

Sri_LankaThat’s why it is advisable to plan the trip in advance and choose some of the places, since it is impossible to see everything at once. Here are some of the places you should visit.

Yala National Park in Sri Lanka consists of 5 different blocks, two of which are opened to the public. In this large area there are light forests, grasslands, bushes, tanks and lagoons. It is a wildlife sanctuary and a national park and is home to great number of mammals and birds. If you want to experience something unforgettable when on holiday in Sri Lanka, you should visit this marvelous place between February and July when animals come into the open and when you can come close to some of the popular species such as leopards, elephants, sloths, jackals, peacocks, axis deer, and crocodiles.

If you are looking for a place to relax, you should visit Ella. It is a small village situated in the South of Sri Lanka’s Hill County and is surrounded by wonderful countryside. You’ll find tea plantations, small vegetable gardens in the valleys, and forests in the hills. It is a friendly village with just a couple of small shops and restaurants. The place is perfect for relaxing before going on an adventure up the big mountains or walking around surrounding the area. You can also hike up the famous Ella Rock, a spectacular cliff face rising high above the village offering spectacular views. This is a very popular Backpackers hangout.

Another highlight of a trip to Sri Lanka is a visit to the ancient palace at Sigiriya. Sigiriya (literally translating as ‘Lion Rock’) is an ancient palace dating back to 500 CE when the large rock column was chosen by the then king to be the location of a new palace. The palace was built on top of the rock and the sides were decorated with colourful frescoes. Half way up the rock on a plateau a gateway was constructed in the form of a large, threatening lion. In more recent times Buddhist monks have called Sigiriya home. Today only the paws remain of the lion and ruins of the once magnificent palace, along with fantastic gardens, frescoes and paintings.

If you are travelling to the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Dambulla should be on your list. There you can visit the Golden Temple, the largest and best-preserved cave-temple complex in Sri Lanka. It’s been a sacred pilgrimage site for 22 centuries and it consists of five caves that are actually sanctuaries. In the temple there are numerous Buddhist mural rock paintings and more than 150 statues of different sizes. It is a genuinely spiritual place and you should be very respectful. It’s a perfect place to rest, relax and contemplate.

If you visit Sri Lanka between April and September you should visit the East coast, a tropical beach paradise. This is an emerging region with fishing villages, sandy beaches and chickens in the yard, but with a great tradition and cultural value. The amazing Hindu temples, ruins of colonial fortresses and stunning markets make a trip worthwhile. You can enjoy its hidden bays and long beaches, staying in small hotels or family-run guesthouses. While there don’t miss the natural harbour at Trincomalee, Arugam Bay (for the best surf), Quiet beaches at Uppuveli, impressive Buddha statues at Maligawila and Colonial Batticaloa Fort.


On the occasion of the 48th Founding Anniversary of Davao Oriental, the Honorable Governor Corazon Nunez-Malanyaon spearheaded the awarding of citation to a number of individuals and groups in different fields who have shown commitment and support to the progress and development of the Province. Among the awardees is yours truly and this blog, The Travel Teller.

Blog Awards and Recognition (3)

The Travel Teller received citation from the Honorable Davao Oriental Governor Corazon Nunez-Malanyaon.

The citation reads as follows:

“Citation to Olan F. Emboscado in grateful recognition and deep appreciation for his wholehearted commitment and invaluable countless support in the tourism promotions of the Province of Davao Oriental by constantly promoting the many tourism destinations of the province in his award winning blog “The Travel Teller” leading to the high impact of tourist arrivals in the province and for bringing honor to the province by winning international and national travel blog awards.”

11402971_961952927159459_6423765111498079901_nWhen I started blogging years back, my only purpose was to create an online diary where I can chronicle every adventure and misadventure I have as I wander around the country and our neighbors in Asia. As it progresses, it earned a good number of following, gained hits and shares, got featured on different media and received a number of awards and citations. And from a simple travel blog, it morphed to something that advocates tourism promotion, environment and change. And being a true son of Davao Oriental, it is pride to patronize, showcase and promote my very own home province of Davao Oriental including the many spectacular attractions hidden in the 11 towns of our Province.

Blog Awards and Recognition (1)

Awards and Citations received by The Travel Teller since 2011.

Thus, a lot of highlighted posts on this blog featured the different destinations in our Province enticing readers to come and discover these unknown yet stunning sights to behold. In the process I found out that this blog, The Travel Teller, becomes the bible of those who are lured to come and marvel at what used to be the secreted beauty of Davao Oriental. From a simple personal blog now it becomes the virtual guide to “Experience Davao Oriental”.


ALIWAGWAG FALLS, the emerging premier tourist destination in Mindanao located in Cateel, Davao Oriental. My article about ALIWAGWAG FALLS is the most visited blogpost on The Travel Teller.

Knowing that my works matter is enough reason for me to be cheerful. Knowing that this becomes influential is enough for me to be satisfied. As I always say, receiving recognition is always a bonus. For the past 4 years, I have been consistently reaping awards and recognitions but earning such credit and respect coming from my own home Province and our highest leader, the Honorable Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon is certainly an honor. I am so overwhelmed with so much joy knowing that my little ways of helping tourism promotion in our Province is highly appreciated.

Blog Awards and Recognition (5) Blog Awards and Recognition (7) Blog Awards and Recognition (11)To the Honorable Governor Corazon N. Malanyaon and her dynamic team who work hard for the progress of the Province, thank you so much for this recognition. I am deeply honored to receive this special citation from you. I am more inspired, more motivated to continue my advocacy, promote not only the natural and man-made beauty of the Province but also the goodness of our people.

From the bottom of my heart, SALAMATAY GAYUD!


Top Casinos to Visit in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a popular tourist destination for the large number of casinos that are found there. Not only do these casinos provide top casino gambling but they also have other activities to draw tourists to stay there. While most of them do come with a hotel and at least one restaurant, many others also have points of interest. These places can be sights to see as well as activities in which travellers can participate. There are several casinos within the city that can be considered top casinos.

DowntownlasvegasIf you’re looking for a fun-filled casino setting, try the Circus Circus Casino. Since it first opened its doors in 1968, this casino has earned quite a stellar reputation for gambling. Over 40 table games are found on the gambling floor but if you can’t get through to them all then simply bring them into the palm of your hand with sites like mobile casino which are specifically developed for your smartphone. Blackjack games are varied according to the number of card shoes which can be one, two or six. Using a whimsical circus theme, the casino grounds are home to the largest permanently standing big top in the world.Vegas By NightVisitors to Vegas often find the Aria Casino appealing. A hotel is also found here which makes it easy to stay close to the action of the casino. A theatre is also built on the premises which pays homage to the music of the late Elvis Presley. The casino has been well decorated with fountains and other elements of water included in the design. Dark trim adorns the walls which makes the casino look quite sophisticated.

The Luxor is another popular casino in the city of Las Vegas. Capitalizing on an Ancient Egyptian theme, this casino features a replica of the Great Pyramids as well as the famous Sphinx. The casino floor measure around 120,000 square feet with both slot machines and table games. For high rollers, an exclusive poker room can be found.