It is but amazing to discover one military camp somewhere in the Province of Sarangani that has developed into a new tourism spot initiated by no less than its Battalion Commander and duly supported by the Provincial Government.This newest addition to Sarangani’s treasures is called the Fort Sarangani. The Fort Sarangani is the home of the 73rd Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines located in Barangay Kamanga in the Municipality of Maasim. [Read more…]


If I never joined Mindanao Tourism Council’s trip to the Sarangani Bay Fest 2011, I would have no inkling of how exciting the Province of Sarangani can be. If I never said yes to the invitation of our tour lead Jon Perez, I would never have a clue that there is one town in the province so rustic at one glance yet endowed with loads of natural wonders when completely explored.Who would have thought that this photograph of a beautiful seascape depicting the indigo waters of the vast Mindanao Sea with such amiable azure skies on the backdrop belongs to KIAMBA? Yes, I am talking about the town of Kiamba in the Province of Sarangani. [Read more…]


Down south, one festival has slowly gained a reputation of being the most awaited annual festival of its kind in the whole southern most part of Mindanao. This vibrant event is called the Sarangani Bay Fest in the coastal Province of Sarangani.I was privileged to be invited by the Mr. Jon Perez of Mindanao Tourism Council as their group joined this year’s Sarangani Bay Fest 2011 which took place last May 19 to 21, 2011. I have been to Sarangani Province for sometime but witnessing the Bay Fest was my first. A self-confessed son of a beach, reading our itinerary containing all the festive details of the trip really thrilled me. [Read more…]

MOUNT PUTING BATO: Samal Island’s Highest Point

I never consider myself as a mountain hiker least a proficient mountaineer. I’ve always thought mountain hiking is a very tedious form of outdoor activity. Dull and dreary, I assumed. So, whenever I got invites for mountain climbing, I courteously declined. Surprisingly, one unplanned trip took me to the highest point of an Island that changed my whole lackluster impression about mountain climbing. It was a day hike that carried me away to instantly fall in love with the mountains. And from then on, I have always liked to conquer the thrill of great heights. This I give credit to the day I made my first unforgettable climb to MOUNT PUTING BATO of the Island Garden City of Samal (IGaGoS).Mount Puting Bato is located in Barangay Guilon in the Island Garden City of Samal, a component city of Davao del Norte Province. Standing at a towering height of 1,345 feet (410m) above sea level, Mount Puting Bato is the Island’s highest point. Being the highest summit, it is one of most popular destinations in the Island and home to many climbing expeditions of many mountain climbers and enthusiasts. [Read more…]

BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS: Surigao del Sur’s Best Kept Secret

My love and passion for the beach lead me to discover the many beautiful beaches in my Island Philippines and my native land Mindanao. Without any doubt, with the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, some of the best kept beaches in the world can be found here.

The Britania Group of Islands

Down south in the Province of Surigao Del Sur lie stunning 24 Islands and Islets so beautifully scattered in the waters Lianga Bay facing the great Oceans of the Pacific. These amazing gifts of nature are called BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS. [Read more…]