Four years ago, the Apo View Hotel which I consider my second home in Davao, celebrated its 60th anniversary being the Premier Hotel in the City and the second oldest in the Philippines. Part of that celebration, The Apo View joined the people of Davao in celebrating Kadayawan Festival 2008 bringing its colors, sights and sounds right inside the four corners of this historic institution. It was then named, “Kadayawan Fiesta at The Apo View”, a celebration for the bounties of nature and the richness of Mindanao’s culture. It was a huge success that truly left an indelible mark in the hearts of the hotel guests and the people of The Apo View. And year after that, Kadayawan Fiesta at the Apo View becomes a significant event that Apo View Hotel and its valued guests look forward every year.

Now on its 4th year, the Apo View Hotel proudly presents KADAYAWAN FIESTA AT THE APO VIEW 2011 showcasing Mindanao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage starting August 8 to 21, 2011. During the two-week celebration, Apo View Hotel stored spectacular events that will truly showcase the authentic artistry and richness of culture not just the City of Davao but our Island Mindanao as well. Continue reading “KADAYAWAN FIESTA AT THE APO VIEW HOTEL 2011”


Down south, one festival has slowly gained a reputation of being the most awaited annual festival of its kind in the whole southern most part of Mindanao. This vibrant event is called the Sarangani Bay Fest in the coastal Province of Sarangani.I was privileged to be invited by the Mr. Jon Perez of Mindanao Tourism Council as their group joined this year’s Sarangani Bay Fest 2011 which took place last May 19 to 21, 2011. I have been to Sarangani Province for sometime but witnessing the Bay Fest was my first. A self-confessed son of a beach, reading our itinerary containing all the festive details of the trip really thrilled me. Continue reading “EXPERIENCING SARANGANI BAY FEST 2011”