VIDEO: The Travel Teller’s Crazy Adventures in 2014

The past year 2014 was an incredible year for me roaming around some parts of the country and around the marvelous regions of home island of Mindanao. I did so many crazy and exciting things that I never even imagine I could make. The past year too allowed me to meet some equally crazy friends who share the same passion and love for great travels and interesting culture – we called ourselves the loyal brothers and sisters of #ByahengMindanaw, travel and discover Mindanao and share it to the World. This video compiles some of the craziest and memorable moments I had in 2014 shared with some of my crazy and funny friends I found this year. All these are captured and made in MINDANAO!


It’s a NEW YEAR and sure there are exciting things in store for me this year.
So excited! BRING IT ON 2015! 


Today, I am writing about my dream destinations. These are awesome places on earth that I’ve never been to but have always dreamed of going. At times, some of these dream destinations are too way impossible for me to see, but who knows, some dreams do come true. So, today, I am writing about one of my dream destinations that hopefully I could visit one day. This is far from where I am now yet so near in my heart. And when that day comes, I will surely go back to this day thinking about how this dream started.

Right now, I am dreaming of IBIZA – yes, the world’s most renowned Island of Ibiza. For many years now Ibiza has been in the bucketlist of my dream places I’d like to see in the years to come. The Island of Ibiza is situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in beautiful country of Spain. There are so many amazing things to see there. Beautiful beaches, natural attractions, historical places, great shopping, non-stop clubbing, all-day partying, good food, fine restaurants – everything a seasoned tourist needs to see and experience in one place. To party addicts, Ibiza is the place to be. It is best known as party capital of the world.

Ibiza has an 18 kilometer of natural sandy beaches bathed in crystal clear waters perfect for all kinds of water and outdoor sports. Many of these beaches are not only of great natural beauty but also have a historical significance. Until now, there are remains of past civilizations, old defense towers and other signs of past history that are of great interest in these beaches and the Island as a whole.

Like I said, I have always been a self confessed Son of a Beach. It is for this reason that IBIZA is in the bucketlist of my dream destinations to visit. I don’t know when and how to achieve this dream but I know I will! SEE YOU SOON IBIZA!

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