CAMIGUIN ISLAND: A Perfect 3D/2N Weekend Getaway

Among the various tourist destinations in the whole Island of Mindanao, there is one exceptional island that I highly regard as an island of desire. It is a paradise filled with picture perfect sceneries and a destination packed with great adventures to choose from. What I am talking about is the island province of Camiguin.

Coined as an island born of fire, the island province of Camiguin is a pear-shaped volcanic island in the northern tip of Mindanao. It is also the smallest province of this Northern part of the Island.  Camiguin is composed of five towns, namely, Mahinog, Guinsiliban, Sagay, Catarman and Mambajao, the capital town of the province.

Considered as an Island of various wonders, Camiguin is a perfect place to indulge a quality vacation and enjoy a fun-filled island adventures. The island province has it all. Name it – white beaches, exotic islands, majestic waterfalls, soothing soda, hot and cold spring, historical landmarks, diverse culture and many more.

For weekend travel warriors like me, Camiguin Island is the certainly the place to be! For 3 Days and 2 Nights, one can already embrace the charm of island adventure. I was among the many travelers lured by the Island to experience its weekend thrill and excitement. Yes, short days it may seem but guaranteed with a great adventure truly worth experiencing.

Here are the must-see places and must-do activities while vacationing in the island province of Camiguin for 3 Days and 2 Nights.


Camiguin Island is blessed with majestic waterfalls to explore. There are plenty of cascading falls that the island has to offer. The easiest to reach is the Katibawasan Falls. It lies at the foot of Mt.Timpoong, about 5 kilometers southeast of the capital Mambajao. It is very best for swimming as the waters fall down into the azure-blue pool. From Katibawasan Falls, another falls to explore is the Tuwasan Falls. Unlike Katibawasan, Tuwasan Falls is unspoiled and remote. Roads are not paved; hence, hiking is the only means to get there. It is not as easy as one would expect. It will take an hour to get there passing through muddy roads, cliffs, valleys and rivers. But for sure, all the exhaustions vanish when greeted by the soothing mists of the cascading waters of Tuwasan Falls. When done with the waterfalls escapade, head to the famous ARDENT HOT SPRING located at the foot of Hibok-Hibok Volcano. Here, treat yourself with the soothing feel of the healing waters of hotspring. Swimming at Ardent Hotspring is the perfect way to end the day when at Camiguin.

Katibawasan Falls and Tuwasan Falls


On the second day of the tour, it is best to roam around the Island of Camiguin and get to know its rich heritage. Visit the Ruins of 16th Century Guiob Church, the church of the Old Catarman town which was destroyed and partly submerged by volcanic fragments during the eruption Mt. Vulcan in 1871. Another site to behold is the Camiguin Walkway. It is a series of steps going to Mount Vulcan, popularly known as the old volcano. Among the popular features of Camiguin Walkway are the statues depicting the Stations of the Cross. During the Holy Week, it becomes a pilgrimage site for Catholic devotees who come to the Island in time for the “Panaad” festival. Next stop is the Sunken Cemetery also in Catarman. It is the greatest evidence of the fatal volcanic eruption of Mount Vulcan that happened many years ago in the whole Island. According to history, the whole capital of Camiguin including this cemetery, sunk under the sea during the destructive volcanic eruption in 1871. In 1982, the Provincial Government of Camiguin built a huge cross marker on the waters of the sunken cemetery to mark the site they considered the sunken graves of their ancestors. After this remarkable tour, if you still have time, end the day with a great treat dipping into the refreshing waters of either Sto. Niño Cold Springs or the Bura Natural Soda Water Swimming Pool also located in the town Catarman. These are two of the places to get a relaxing dip while on the island.

The Ruins of the 16th Century Guiob Church
The Sunken Cemetery
Soda Pool, Hot Spring and Cold Spring of Camiguin


Before the sun rises on the final day at the Island, hire a motorized boat to bring you to the most famous White Island of Camiguin. Catch a dramatic scene as the sun rises at the Island. White Island is an uninhabited white sandbar located at the northern shore of Mambajao. There are no trees or shelter of any kind here. It is completely composed of white sands. Tides, however, constantly resize and reshape the form of this white sand bar. Since there is no vegetation in the White Island, the punishing heat of the sun is truly agonizing there during the day. So before the midday, get off the white island and head off to yet another beach destination. Of course, not unless you wanted to get those sun burns and tan lines there. From White Island, final destination is the Mantigue Island and Nature Park. Also called as Magsaysay Island, Mantigue it is about 4 hectares of different vegetations with a glowing white beach of powdery sand. White Island and Mantigue Island are both perfect beach havens to enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea. This beach life in Camiguin is at its best. Thus, make it the highlight of your 3D/2N adventures in the Island. And when it’s time to bid goodbye to Camiguin, drop by to get some great pasalubong finds at the Island Souvenir Shops that abound the Island.

The Famous White Island of Camiguin
Mantigue Island and Nature Park

Camiguin Island has it all. Everything that a seasoned traveler would want to experience can be offered by the Island. So to speak, there are more fun in Camiguin that one can expect. The ones I experienced were just among the many great adventures that Island has to offer for us. There are more to explore and new things to discover in the Island.

So, pack up your things now and head off to the Island Born of Fire. Indeed, Camiguin: Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin.

This is my entry to the 15th edition of Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for the month of January 2012 with the theme “3 Days/ 2 Nights” hosted by Eileen Campos of Possibly Pinay.

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    one day lang kami noon sa camiguin, not at all enough time, tapos umuulan pa for half of the day! NKKLK lang.

    chika you soon about our travel figurine! ;p hahaha

    1. Hi Eileen,

      Thank you too. And congratulations for a very great job compiling awesome 3D/2N Challenges of Pinoy Travel Bloggers. 🙂 Na-touch ako dun sa description mi ng Travelteller – informative (kuno). 🙂 Hehehe. 🙂 thanks dear. And yeah, let’s talk about our travel figurine soon. 🙂 therapeutic cya pag usapan. Hahaha. 🙂

  2. Very informative blog and nice pictures. Makes me want to go back there.
    Where did you stay on Camiguin? We stayed at Pabua’s Cottages in Yumbing.
    They also organised the island tour for us. We stayed there last august and it’s real value for money!
    Pabua’s Cottages recently launched a website:
    I can surely recommend them!

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