BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS: Surigao del Sur’s Best Kept Secret

My love and passion for the beach lead me to discover the many beautiful beaches in my Island Philippines and my native land Mindanao. Without any doubt, with the 7,107 Islands of the Philippines, some of the best kept beaches in the world can be found here.

The Britania Group of Islands

Down south in the Province of Surigao Del Sur lie stunning 24 Islands and Islets so beautifully scattered in the waters Lianga Bay facing the great Oceans of the Pacific. These amazing gifts of nature are called BRITANIA GROUP OF ISLANDS.

Just 3 of the 24 Stunning Islets of Britania.
BRITANIA: The Best Kept Secret of Surigao del Sur

Britania Group of Islands is situated in Barangay Britania of San Agustin in the central region of Surigao Del Sur. From Davao City, San Agustin can be reached by passenger bus or private vehicle approximately 6 hours away. The road trip going there may be dull but rest assured these Islets are worth the long travel.

Pristine White Sand Beaches

Not known to many, Surigao del Sur, an eastern province of Mindanao is blessed with different islands and islets on its coastal area. Among these Islands in the entire province, Britania Group of Islands are the most enticing. When I first set my eyes on these islets, I immediately succumbed myself to pure admiration to its beauty that I say truly beyond compare.Beach Basking Like No OtherComposed of 24 Islets, this Group of Islands varies from shapes and sizes scattered magnificently in the open sea. When I first saw them, it instantly reminded me of the Hundred Islands of Pangasinan and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, all combined as one. There were adjacent Islets spherical in shape and some of them are partially surrounded with pristine white sands so pure and refined. It was actually raining when we got there and dark clouds hovered above the islets but it didn’t obstruct us from putting us all at awe.

Camping at Boslon Island

Our first point of destination was the Boslon Island, the largest islet in the group. Boslon Island is surrounded by different rock formations on one side; on the other are powdery white sands stretching out to the bluish green sea waters. Being the biggest islet among the 24, Boslon is the perfect place for overnight camping. Hence, it is where we took shelter for the night.

This Blogger Caught In Action by Leo Timogan
This Blogger enjoyng the Charm of Island.
This Blogger enjoying the Charm of the Island while his friend Dr. Ophelia Casel enjoyed Basking at the Sand.
And my friends enjoying the Beach.

From Boslon Island, the gorgeous view of other islets can already be seen in its full perfection. I was mesmerized seeing the lovely view of Panlangagan Cave Island and Panlangagan Forest Island on one side, a walk away during low tide from Boslon. On the other side was the spectacular sight of Minasingin Island. From afar,the sight of Isla Verde Island, Malingin Island and Litik Island looked like green mushrooms that sprouted out of the sea. Basking myself on the beach, I savored every inch of the scenery that surrounded us. I felt so close the sea giving me an utmost feeling of being “A Son of a Beach”, truly delightful.

Panlangagan Cave Island and Panlangagan Forest Island

The next day, our Britania Island Exploration continued. Our point of destination this time was Bonbon Island. From Boslon Island, Bonbon can be reached by boat in 20 minutes. But the 20 minutes boat ride gave us the full eye-catching view of the other 24 Islets of Britania. Among these Islands that immediately fascinated us were Kang Jose Island, Kanlota Island and Taguan Island. The farthest Islands of Panas and San Pablo were also two striking sights during the boat ride. Hiyor Hiyoran Island and Hagonoy Island on the other hand looked so enticing to frolic and laze around with its refined white sand shores. Indeed, this was amongst island boat rides I surely never forget. Truly astonishing.

The Shores of Bonbon Island
The Long Stretch of White Sand Beach in Bonbon Island

At Bonbon Island, a long stretch of powdery white sand beach and green vegetations welcomed us. An island so truly pristine and delicately tamed by nature. The sea breeze that kissed our cheeks was spanking fresh and blue waters were comfortably cool. An ideal place to bask around and commune with Island’s charm and magic.

Beach Combing at its Finest.

After luxuriating ourselves with the magical allure of the Bonbon Island, we headed back to our campsite in Boslon. Going back, we passed by the Naked Island, a long stretch of sand bar so pure and white that vanishes during high tide. The Naked Island has no vegetation but its lengthy stretch of creamy sand bar is enough to truly experience a one of a kind beach combing like we had.

Leaving Boslon Island

On the boat leaving Boslon Island to mainland, I felt a great fulfillment inside. I felt so blessed to explore this beauty that has been kept for many years from commercial tourism. I felt so lucky to experience its pristine exquisiteness before influx of tourism commerce comes in because I know Britania Group of Island can potentially become Surigao del Sur’s main tourist destination. So now, I still would love to go back there and carry on another great beach experience I truly enjoyed so much until now. After all, Britania Group of Islands is a “Best Kept Secret” that promises to give every beach fanatic a beach experience truly without equal.

This Blogger together his equally enthusiatic travel buddies.


Britania Group of Islands is situated in Barangay Britania of San Agustin in the central region of Surigao Del Sur. From Davao City, San Agustin can be reached by passenger bus or private vehicle approximately 6 hours away. Here is a secret for productivity while island hopping in Philippines. Move your PC and files to the Cloud with services from and . Access with your mobile device from anywhere.

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      1. You can hire van from butuan to britania san agustin but it would cost you much however if you are good in deals makakamura ka rin.

        But if you want an adventurous trip from butuan, you could ride a bus going to tandag. then tell the conductor to stop at salvacion san agustion from there on hire a pedicab or trysikad as they say going to britania. Its so simple as that.

        But if the trip to tandag is full, you could then have a cutting trip. butuan to barobo ride bus via mangagoy then barobo to salvacion san agustin by jeepney. however it would take you time to get there. But its worth the wait when you get there.

  1. Come at Oasis Rest house, Britannia, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. Behold and enjoy Britannia Islets with its beautiful finest sand. Facilities: Room Accommodation, Function Hall, and Cottages. Island hopping is Php1,500.00 good for 15 pax. For more details contact Bebie Cadelina, cl no. 09107529319

  2. good pm. i was told that resorts are closed during holy week. is this true? we were hoping to go to brtitania this holy week?

  3. I’m from Butuan City but is currently residing here in Cebu City. My chums have been in this Amazing Island, too bad I was having a hard time getting a vacation leave that’s why I wasn’t able to join them. Now that everything is planned, approved short vacation leave, intended money for such escapade, i’d like to break a leg on getting a cool place to crash. This is actually intended for the lady from Oasis By The sea. Can you please give me a ballpark figure on the hotel accomodation, and to the island hopping as well? Good for two person by the way, i’ll be travelling with my partner.

  4. did you really camp and sleep overnight at Boslon Island? safe po bah? cause we’re planning to visit surigao this september and plan to just camp overnight. ang bangka hatid sundo, magkano po ang rent? sana po sumagot kayo

  5. Britannia Island, Surigao del Sur is the most unforgettable experience I ever had. I was there in the Naked Island and the other island. and once of the island give some momeries yhat i experience. 🙂

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