Blackjack – One of the favorite casino games for Filipinos

Located in the South East Asian, the Philippines is popularly known for having a strong and stable gambling culture with regulated casinos being present in the country since the 16th century.

Apart from slots, blackjack may be the most famous casino game available in the Philippines. The casino game involves connection amongst a dealer and one or extra players where a single player competes against the dealer in turns. The casino game is either played with extra decks of 52 cards where each player is given two cards, face down or face up depending on the board and the casino. In other circumstances, the dealer is also given two cards, normally one facing down and the other up. 

Blackjack in the Philippines – What you need to know

Although the casino play legalities are complex on the islands, nonresidents and locals and can play blackjack in all domestic and brick-and-motor casinos so long as the blackjack offering site is licensed and regulated offshore. You can find more information here when you are looking for some trusted blackjack websites.

Nonetheless, for travelers visiting the Philippines to play blackjack, it is important to learn about the travel safety tips according to TheTravelTeller or to have a smooth stay in the South Asia country.

Why blackjack is the most played gambling game

There is no doubt about the fact that blackjack is the most popular casino gambling game globally. Regardless of the playing casino, a blackjack table is a must. Below are the five-top most reasons why blackjack is the most played gambling game.

  1. Easy to play and understand

Blackjack is not a complex casino game and its rules are not twisted. It’s set of rules is static, simple, and quick to understand especially for the average gambler who learns when to hit, stand, and split. Additionally, the rules are layered to keep the player engaged. 

  1. Lowest house edge

In layman’s language, the odds are suitable in the blackjack game. The higher the house edge the lower the winning chances. Unlike other card games, blackjack offers an exceeding low house edge offering players a fair chance to win.

  1. Sociable and non-competitive

Blackjack is a game played along with interactions with other players and the dealer. Whether in a land-based casino or a live online casino, one is likely to be joined at the blackjack table by other players. Despite sharing a table with strangers or friends, the blackjack set-up makes it a sociable game with no competition among each other.

  1. Game availability

Apart from the slot machines, blackjack is found in almost every casino that offers table games. It does not take a punter longer time to locate a seat at the blackjack table. Additionally, one can log-in to any online casino and play real-money blackjack in their comfort. 

  1. Mixture of lack and decision making

Blackjack allows players a level of control even if the game is primarily based on luck. Players are able to decide when to hit, stick, double down, and when to split. The decision-making aspect allows players the chance to seize the advantage of hands that lean in their favor while at the same time minimizing the losses and risks when the dealer is in a stronger position.

Blackjack Slang

New players often hear the experienced players using blackjack terms and slangs that they don’t easily get to understand. So, below are terms to be used as a blackjack dictionary.

  • Anchorman- player in the furthest table seat on the dealers right and is mainly the last to play
  • Barring a player- casino’s refusal to allow a player to play in the blackjack game
  • Bust- an automatic loser or a hand totaling to more than 21 points
  • Card counter- a professional player who keeps cards track as they are dealt
  • Card counting- the act of following up on the card value dealt at the table
  • Dealer- the casino employee who face the players and deals the cards at the table
  • Double down- player’s option to double their bet with only one additional card
  • Early surrender- Player’s option to give up half their bet while the dealer checks for blackjack
  • Floorman- casino supervisor who oversees the dealers
  • High roller- a player who bets the largest amount of money

Blackjack rules 

  • Blackjack goal is to beat the dealer without going past 21
  • Aces cards are worth 11 or 1, face cards worth 10. 
  • Every player begins with two cards and one of the dealer’s cards is kept hidden till the end
  • “Hit” is to ask for an additional card. “Stand” is to hold up your total and end your turn
  • If you go past 21 you bust and the dealer wins regardless of the dealer’s hand
  • If dealt 21 from the beginning (Ace & 10) you have a blackjack
  • Blackjack means you win 1.5 of the total bet amounts
  • Dealers hit until her/his cards total to 17 or higher
  • Doubling is similar to a hit only that the bet is doubled and you only earn one additional card
  • With two of the same cards, the split can be done as the pair is split into two hands
  • Splitting doubles, the bet because every fresh hand is worth the initial bet
  • One can only split/double on the first move or the hand’s first move generated by a split
  • After two aces split you cannot play
  • You can double on a hand resulting from a tripling, quadrupling, or split bet

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