Best Cafes And Ice Cream Parlours In Rome

Best Cafes And Ice Cream Parlours In Rome



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Rome is by far one of the most popular places in the world where you can hang out, unwind, and enjoy the numerous cafes and gelato parlours. Here are a few of the most famous of them in case you are planning a vacation in the Eternal City.

The Mondi Café

This café is located near Ponte Milvio in the northern side of Rome. It is a famous pastry shop where locals go when they need to buy sweets they want to offer to someone as a gift that can make a truly good impression. We recommend the assorted mini-shortbread crusts filled with cream having a fruit topping. You can also sip some tasty Italian coffee while standing up at the bar and having some delish pastry; you also have the option of sitting at a table and be served with silverware and plates. Mondi is located on Via Flaminia 468.

Caffè Sant'Eustachio

The cafe is located just a few hundred metres from the world-famous Pantheon and it is a genuinely historic coffee shop. It stands out as one of the favorite coffer drinking destinations for locals and tourists. The furniture is mostly the original one, including the gorgeous stainless steel bar. Sit down, relax, sip tasty coffee and checkout the site on your smarpthone or laptop. Try your luck at the SuperEnalotto lottery and cross your fingers for the big win while visiting Italy.

The coffee shop was taken over by the Ricci brothers a few decades ago; they continued the tradition of serving often times organic coffee. Expect for tasty zucceherato – with sugar – cappuccino and caffe expresso to be served to you at the counter. You can also choose to sit at a table on the lovely piazza outside. Caffe Sant’Eustachio is located on Piazza Sant'Eustachio 82.

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