TRAVELING is my passion. It is the only thing in this world I will never get tired of. While for some it is leisure, for me, traveling is an obsession – something I know I am so passionate about. You see, I live in a 7,107 tropical island paradise of the Philippines and there is so much about it to see, explore and discover. For me, I have 7,107 reasons to travel to see the wonders of my Islands Philippines.

The Best Travel Photo of My Life

BLOGGING is my output. Admittedly, I am a frustrated writer. I have always wanted to be writer. But for some reasons, this desire did not push through. But my nomadic wanderings ignited the writer in me to chronicle my humble journeys, in and outside of the country, and somehow showcase these beautiful places I’ve been and bridge it to readers and onliners in the blogosphere. Thus, in 2007, OLANOLOGY: Chronicling A Good Voyage was born and this very year 2011, born THE TRAVEL TELLER.

Romancing the Green Green Lake Sebu

When I started travel blogging, all I wanted was just to document and chronicle all my travels in one site including my travel photos and travel experiences. Simply put, my personal online diary. Never did I know that as years gone by, my travel blog gained constant readership and avid followers that truly patronized and used my blog articles as basis of their own travels. One comment would say my travels inspire them to explore the places I’ve been; the other would thank me for showcasing the beauty of one featured place.
Reading, I find it deeply inspiring to realize that my blog and writings have substance and in some way have touched my readers’ lives.

Worshiping the Beauty of Tinuy-an Falls

Travel blogging enhances my writing skills. It develops my ability to write truthfully then be heard and understood.  Travel blogging also deepens my love for photography. I have always been a huge fan of talented photographers. Travel, photography and blogging make a perfect “getaway” for me. And thus, I crave for learning. I yearn for skills that made me assume I am good at what I am doing.

Into the Deep of the Enchanted River

And so, the traveler in me continued to wander and the blogger in me struggled to reach out to others. Through blogging, I met amazing people who share the same passion of traveling and of blogging. I’ve found belongingness. I’ve found new friends. These are the brightest people I travel with and some whom I learn new blogging skills with.

Finding Colors in Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia

Six months ago, I lost the most important woman in my life, my beloved Mama. When she passed away, a huge part of me was lost. She was my inspiration, until now she is. And when she was gone, I thought I lost my number fan. I thought I lost an inspiration. To cope up, traveling and blogging become my best friends. I wandered every weekend to different places in the company of friends, but oftentimes, alone by myself. This has become my refuge for six months. For me, traveling becomes a solace and blogging becomes an output. Travel hard, blog harder. It helps.

Beach Combing at the Pebble beach of Surigao City

Came November 26, 2011, at East Asia Royale Hotel in General Santos City, THE TRAVEL TELLER was proclaimed the Best Travel Blog by Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Mindanao alongside with OLANOLOGY as a finalist. It is by far the most unexpected recognition I have ever received. Being nominated and chosen as a finalist is already an achievement. Being adjudged as the winner among other equally excellent travel blogs across Mindanao was a huge honor. I accepted the award with so much humility and hope that through my blog, I can make a difference. It is a humbling recognition I will truly be grateful for the rest of my life. Today, whenever I see the plaque I got from this award, it inspires me so much to be better at what I am passionate about – travel, photography and blogging. Travel blogging is my humble way of sharing to my readers and followers the gift of capturing beautiful places, the ability to exemplify that captured beauty through writing, and all that God has blessed me.

Famous Boracay Sunset

IN THIS NOTE, I would like thank all my readers and followers who have been very supportive throughout these years – my sincerest gratitude. Whenever I read comments, whether good or bad, it makes me appreciate that truly my blog reaches you and by some means it touches you. That alone is already an inspiration and an achievement.

The Travel teller is Pointing At You… To THANK YOU!

I want to share this award to my fellow Cateeleños, who like me envisioned our little hometown to be an eco-tourism destination. To my Pinoy Travel Bloggers family, you are my role models, don’t ever stop sending tips on where to find the best voucher code for Thomas Cook! To my DAVAO BLOGGERS family, you guys are my “sense of belongingness”. Special mention to my ever supportive host, Georg Kevin Paquet of PinoyTeens.Net, for me, you are a winner. To THE DAILY TRIBUNE DAVAO, thank you for all the features. My friends at the RTours, you guys are all my brothers and sister in “laag”. To my all my friends here and abroad, supporters, sponsors, please accept my heartfelt gratitude.

TO MY BIG FAMILY, you guys are my ultimate fans! LOL! Thank you so much for being so proud of me. Again, it is a very humbling experience.

TO A BUDDY, I want to thank you for everything that you have shared to me from the start. For being my number one fan, a travel buddy and a good friend, my most gracious thanks. I will never forget it. Promise.

TO MY EVER DEAREST MAMA, this is for you! I know you are smiling from heaven seeing me accepting this very memorable award. THANK YOU MAMA for your constant guidance and love.


The Official Winner Badge of The Travel Teller sent by the Philippine Blog Awards, Inc.

As of this time, THE TRAVEL TELLER is vying again for another award. It is nominated in the 4th International PEBA Blog Awards for Trabyaheng Blog (Travel Blog Category) to be held this Friday, December 9, 2011 at the Ayala Trinoma Activity Center. I wish I am there to hear THE TRAVEL TELLER’s name being called as one of the nominees… AGAIN, no expectations… BEING a nominee for the first time in this International Blog Award is in itself, a RECOGNITION. 


  1. you deserve it olantot! nobody deserves it better than you! keep up the good work! muah muah! you keep getting better and it won’t be too soon till you become the best!

  2. Kuya Olan… niwang pa lagi ka sa ubang photos nimo. Hahahaha!!!

    But on a serious note, bitaw uy, through traveling I met a LOT of AWESOME people!!! And i’ve learned so many things through traveling. Weee cheers for more travels in the future!

    1. Hi Gael, isa ka sa mga pinaka unang Pinoy Trave Bloggers na nakilala ko sa Philippines Blogosphere. 🙂 dapat na talaga na magkita tayo. 🙂 i will be very glad to see you gael. isa ka mga travel bloggers that i always look up to. 🙂 thanks thanks thanks. 🙂 will always be humble and friendly. 🙂

  3. Madayaw!!!
    Thumps up the crowd!
    Sir Olan, you give Philippines as well as the World the best you have, and the best will come to you!
    With that, you met the challenge with determination, strength, and total confidence! CONGRATULATIONS……
    This calls for a celebration, right? hehehe

    1. Madayawa Wow Dagway! Thanks you so much for appreciating my effort. I want to share this to you also because like me, you too are proud of our Island. 🙂 I wish more travels with you and the rest of our Travel Buddies. 🙂

  4. Oha! Naka agi na gyud ko diri nga post! hehehe.

    You’ve come far, and I bet you’ll get even further with that passion and dedication you have in sharing your travels! 😀 (unsa daw?!) :p

  5. Congratulations Olan! I learned about Bucas Grande Island because of you. 🙂 Now dili na ko katulog sige isip when ko makalaag didto. hahaha… Keep doing what you do best! Congrats again. 🙂

  6. Lan… I would love to be in a crowed pointing at you and say… That’s our Travel Teller. Do continue touching souls with your photographs, with your thoughts. I called the things I love doing The Other Me, the shadow of my soul in one of my poems back in my high school days. Looking at you now with all these blogs i sensed your soul with a large smile especially with these awards. Your travels are like your paint brushes, your photographs your colors, your writings represent your creative thinking, your soul. And as we put it all together it makes sense, it makes life more perfect. Let’s give back all the glory to God Lan.
    Hooooooray for Olanology… Hoooooooooray for The Travel Teller.

    1. Hi Joan, thank you so much for this very inspiring message. I know you would agree with me when i say that being someone who grew up in a very remote town away from the big city, people like us always dream of becoming better individuals – people who will prove that we also have potentials like those who grow up in the concrete jungles, or even better than they are. Whatever i have now, this rooted in a simple a dream, then later a certain WILL that pushed to become a reality. I never dream to be the best, say, I just want to be “better than being just good”. And slowly, I realized that i can always be better at what I do. That realization becomes my drive. 🙂 Whenever I got messages like yours, i feel so humble knowing i get praises from people like you. Then, I always go back to that day where i was just a dreamer. 🙂 Indeed, TO GOD BE THE HIGHEST GLORY. 🙂 Thanks Joan for always believing in me. For considering me not just as a friend but as someone who can touch other people’s lives. It is truly so heartwarming. :)Thanks. 🙂

      1. like you said, “it’s better late than never”..pahuhuli bah ako? 😀

        CONGRATULATIONS Sir Olan! 😉 because you know how to share, you are indeed blessed by GOD 😉

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