I was at home for a day spending the rest of my stay in Cateel when suddenly a great boredom struck me. I must go somewhere and spend time to a place that would reconnect me to my yesteryears in hometown of Cateel. But to where? At a second, a good plan popped up in my mind that gave me an instant thrill. Yes, I wanted to visit a place I never get to see in 17 years. That thought, that plan instantaneously made me exhilarated.Right there I thought if there is one place I’d like to willingly rediscover in our hometown, it would be a place where my love for waterfalls started – Danog Falls, a place worth of my sentimental reminiscence. It is my first waterfalls experience shared with high school friends in Cateel. Every time we recall that experience, it always leaves beautiful smiles on our faces.DANOG FALLS is situated in a remote sitio of Barangay Mainit. From our own house in Poblacion, Barangay Mainit can be reached in 15 minutes. But going Danog Falls from Barangay Mainit is another story. During my first visit seventeen years ago, getting there takes a lot of time and effort. Going there, we hiked for an hour passing through muddy rugged roads, ricefields, pilapil and shrubbery trails. It was pretty hard knowing we were new to that kind of adventure and the place was new to us. But despite exhaustion, we were having great time enjoying the company of high school peers. All of us were first timers. That is why upon laying our eyes to the cascading waters of Danog Falls, we were all in unison exclaiming words of amazement that instantly came out from our mouth. We were awestruck by the beauty of this natural wonder. Without wasting time, everyone savored the moment enjoying the fun Danog Falls offered. Swimming, diving, bathing under the cascading waters. Everyone had fun. Looking back, it was indeed a high school memory I surely say will never forget. A great reminiscence.After 17 years, now I was about to experience Danog Falls for the second time. Armed with camera and tripod, I tagged my brother Nonoy to accompany me in visiting back the falls. Luckily, Nonoy chanced the place earlier this year and told me that going there nowadays is absolutely trouble-free. No more exhausting hike, no muddy trails at all. Aboard his motorcycle, Nonoy brought me straight to Barangay Mainit. I thought it would be our jump off point but I was wrong. Upon reaching Barangay Mainit, we headed to Mainit River and crossed the running waters going to another road that led us to the jump off point going to Danog Falls. That alone was a fun filed adventure. Upon reaching the jump off point, we hiked for just 5 minutes and, hurrah, there we saw the welcoming aura of Danog Falls, serene and pure. As I got closer, I was becoming emotional. Nostalgic moment, I call it. I paused for awhile and took a look at the Falls that once bedazzled me. It was still so beautiful. Its beguiling beauty never changed. I took my camera out and started capturing every details of this beauty. Doing this, memories of my high school years came to mind. I can hear our adolescent laughter and giggles enjoying the waters. Wow, it was an awesome experience.Nothing has changed there. The 20-meter high one tiered waterfalls still has an abundant cascading waters. Green trees are still all over. Wild ferns and shrubs are still plenty. The atmosphere is the same. I can still hear the chirping of the birds. Nothing has changed. For me, it was still beautiful and truly admiring.Looking at the waters gently flowing down the stream, it is so enticing that I dipped instantly into its cold waters. At that instant, it made me travel back to that day I first set foot there. It was magical. The youthful years came back. I wished my high school friends were there sharing the same excitement I felt. I stayed in the waters for couple of minutes refreshing my mind and savoring the fact that I was there for second time. It was exceedingly pleasing.Contented and pleased with my visit, Nonoy and I left Danog Falls to visit another destination in Cateel. I left Danog Falls filled with happiness and fulfillment. I was happy because after seventeen long years, I was able to be back and relived that moment that I was there. I felt a sense of fulfillment because it made me see what my friends and I have become seventeen years after that experience. It was great journey. And going back there was a great experience.So now I say, yes, my fascination for waterfalls started with my love for Danog Falls.

This is the second part of “HERE AT CATEEL, WE HAVE IT ALL: THE TRAVEL SERIES”.
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I dedicate this post to the Batch ’95 of the Maryknoll High School of Cateel who along with me shared the same awesome experience at beautiful Danog Falls seventeen years ago.


    1. HI Jonna. Thank you for your comment. I always like photographing waterfalls. And luckily my home is blessed with so much beautiful waterfalls. 🙂 Hinding hindi mauubusan. 🙂

  1. Olan, another secretly hidden beauty courtesy of our hometown, beckoning us to come home. As usual the photographer did a great job, hehehe.

    1. Hi gay,

      Thanks for visiting again. That’s one thing I love about our hometown. We are surrounded and blessed with so many gifts of nature. 🙂 Sana makaapak ka rin dito ojne of these days. 🙂

  2. We once lived in a place near to this falls. I was in 3rd grade when mom lerma and nong dodoy took me to this place as their helper, they were sweetheart then. I did not paint the beauty of this falls at that time but I was having fun climbing up to the very top of the falls by using and holding the “bagon”.
    Thanks for great job well done. It rekindles my memoirs, the beauty of my hometown Cateel.

      1. Yes, several thousands miles distance away from the place that I started which I called the zero-zero “00” mile of my journey. We talked about you with a friend who came to our house for a dinner who will also be retiring soon maybe in our home sweet home, cateel. He saw the beauty of our town while we are eating sang kanami sinugba ug yagahigup nang kanami sabaw. Pero malamiay gayud kuno yang kanatong sabaw sang cateel. ikila naan yang kamayo mga familia.

        1. Wow! That is very nice to hear. It is too inspiring to realize that my works bridge Cateeleños so far from home to our hometown Cateel. Salamatay gayud.

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