5 of the Best European Family Breaks

Europe is full of so many vibrant cities, iconic attractions, spectacular beaches, wonderful islands and colorful villages that it has everything for almost every type of travelers. It’s almost mission impossible to pick a top 5 European family holiday breaks. But if you are looking to have experiences of a lifetime with your beloved family, try one or more of the following 5 European family breaks…


Be it luxury or family holiday, Santorini is always one of the top travel destinations in Europe. Often regarded as the most popular island destination in the world, Santorini is renowned for its wonderful 360-degree views, spectacular sunset, colorful villages, and stunning beaches.  It boasts of some of the finest hotels and restaurants in Greece. The wonderful landscapes and perfect ambiance of the island will ensure you and your family spend the most memorable vacation of lifetime.


Crete is the largest of all Greek islands. It boasts dreamy villages, splendid beaches, stunning landscapes, ancient treasures and wonderful, hospitable locals. It surely is one of the most beautiful Greek islands and is perfect to have some quality time on a family holiday. It is renowned as a family vacation destination for its sea, sand and sun but also for its excellent architecture, diverse collection of food, unique culture, hospitality, warmth and vitality. From very peaceful hillside villages to busy metropolitan cities and rugged mountains to fertile coastal plains, the island of Crete is like a haven on earth.

Amalfi Coast

One of the best Mediterranean landscapes, and a UNESCO world heritage site, the Amalfi coast boasts an enticing combination of majestic beauty and captive experiences.  It is one of the most popular European family holiday destinations because of its picturesque towns, astounding steep crags and lush green forests. There would be no greater surprise than to take your family here, staying in a luxury villa and experiencing the remarkable beauty that the Amalfi Coast has to offer.


If you are looking to have your family holiday in Spain, then Ibiza can be the place to give your family a perfect experience. The White island is well-known for its striking coast and stylish hotels. You can attend some amazing wharf side and beach festivals; go for parasailing or a boat trip, explore the wonderful small cities, and laze on the sandy beaches in Ibiza. The serene, sophisticated beaches of the island will ensure you and your family get the perfect atmosphere to make some wonderful memories.

The Algarve

The alluring Algarve is Portugal’s leading holiday destination for its scalloped bays, breathtaking cliffs, sandy islands and golden beaches. Its brash resorts and amazing holiday villas offer all a tourist can ask for in a wonderful family holiday. Beach bars, sandy and real castles and plenty of things to do for children and adults alike make coastal Algarve just the perfect family holiday destination one can think of.



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