Ultimate Kayak Spots in America

The unspoiled rivers and wilderness of the American continent offer some terrific opportunities for kayaking that you will not want to miss out on. Kayaking is often carried out on white water rapids, making it a great activity for the more adventurous-minded vacationer. At the same time, safety is kept in mind, with a majority of kayaks featuring a so-called closed deck, effectively sealing the kayaker into the boat. There are also more moderate and serene kayaking routes for those seeking less of an adrenalin-filled experience but who still want to be out on the water.

Photo By: TheActiveTimes.Net

Photo By: TheActiveTimes.Net

Some of the best kayaking locations to be found in the US are: 

  • The Bois Brule River, Wisconsin: This winding river in northern Wisconsin offers a variety of landscapes for you to see from your kayak seat, from forestry to more bog-like features. There are sections ideal for a gentle meander along the river, taking in the wildlife that populates either bank. There are also a number of rapids and chutes if you are the more adventurous-minded kayaker. You may also want to try the series of ledges and rapids at the point at which the river winds through a narrow valley before it proceeds into Lake Superior. 
  • Prince William Sound, Alaska: If you want to try a different type of kayaking experience, then Prince William Sound makes for the ideal destination. A perfect location for sea kayaking, Prince William Sound offers stunning scenery. There are incredible mountain vistas and high fjord walls, not to mention pristine, azure-colored waters. You may get to see some of the local wildlife, including sea lions and eagles, and you might even experience the thrill of seeing a humpback whale surfacing on the water.

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Whether you want to get the heart pumping with a vigorous, water-based workout, or you prefer a more serene glide across a lake or river, a kayaking vacation may be just what you are looking for. With so many great kayaking destinations in the US to choose from, the only hard decision you have to make is where to go.



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