The highlands of Kapatagan located in Digos City in the province of Davao del Sur is among the most visited destinations in the Davao Region. This rustic part of Digos is popular among mountain climbers as one of the major jump off points to the majestic Mount Apo, the Philippines’ highest point. A great parcel of land in Kapatagan is part of the protected Mt. Apo Natural Park, thus, luxuriant vegetation covers the highlands.Hidden deep inside this thick verdant forest, there find an eye-catching waterfalls they called the Virgin Falls, a one tier waterfalls possessing a very distinguishing shape so unique among other waterfalls I visited. The Virgin Falls is among the must see natural wonders while in the Highlands of Kapatagan. [Read more…]


“Row row row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily merrily merrily merrily. Life is but a dream.” I was humming this nursery rhyme when we were heading to another rustic town in Sarangani Province called Maitum. Humming, I was painting pictures in my mind about myself experiencing for the first time a one of kind whitewater tubing I never experienced before. The point of destination was the Pangi River of Maitum, Sarangani Province.

My Very First White Water Tubing Adventure.

Though famous for its pre-historic anthropomorphic burial jars and unspoiled rainforests, the town of Maitum is also known for its reputation being the water tubing capital of Sarangani Province. In fact, it is the only town in the Province with such outdoor adventure fully equipped with requisite facilities and trained crews. [Read more…]


It is but amazing to discover one military camp somewhere in the Province of Sarangani that has developed into a new tourism spot initiated by no less than its Battalion Commander and duly supported by the Provincial Government.This newest addition to Sarangani’s treasures is called the Fort Sarangani. The Fort Sarangani is the home of the 73rd Infantry Battalion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines located in Barangay Kamanga in the Municipality of Maasim. [Read more…]


If I never joined Mindanao Tourism Council’s trip to the Sarangani Bay Fest 2011, I would have no inkling of how exciting the Province of Sarangani can be. If I never said yes to the invitation of our tour lead Jon Perez, I would never have a clue that there is one town in the province so rustic at one glance yet endowed with loads of natural wonders when completely explored.Who would have thought that this photograph of a beautiful seascape depicting the indigo waters of the vast Mindanao Sea with such amiable azure skies on the backdrop belongs to KIAMBA? Yes, I am talking about the town of Kiamba in the Province of Sarangani. [Read more…]


Down south, one festival has slowly gained a reputation of being the most awaited annual festival of its kind in the whole southern most part of Mindanao. This vibrant event is called the Sarangani Bay Fest in the coastal Province of Sarangani.I was privileged to be invited by the Mr. Jon Perez of Mindanao Tourism Council as their group joined this year’s Sarangani Bay Fest 2011 which took place last May 19 to 21, 2011. I have been to Sarangani Province for sometime but witnessing the Bay Fest was my first. A self-confessed son of a beach, reading our itinerary containing all the festive details of the trip really thrilled me. [Read more…]