Four years ago, the Apo View Hotel which I consider my second home in Davao, celebrated its 60th anniversary being the Premier Hotel in the City and the second oldest in the Philippines. Part of that celebration, The Apo View joined the people of Davao in celebrating Kadayawan Festival 2008 bringing its colors, sights and sounds right inside the four corners of this historic institution. It was then named, “Kadayawan Fiesta at The Apo View”, a celebration for the bounties of nature and the richness of Mindanao’s culture. It was a huge success that truly left an indelible mark in the hearts of the hotel guests and the people of The Apo View. And year after that, Kadayawan Fiesta at the Apo View becomes a significant event that Apo View Hotel and its valued guests look forward every year.

Now on its 4th year, the Apo View Hotel proudly presents KADAYAWAN FIESTA AT THE APO VIEW 2011 showcasing Mindanao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage starting August 8 to 21, 2011. During the two-week celebration, Apo View Hotel stored spectacular events that will truly showcase the authentic artistry and richness of culture not just the City of Davao but our Island Mindanao as well. [Read more…]


My recent trip to my hometown Cateel brought me to the different places and destinations that I truly say worth a visit. One of those that justly fascinate me is the Hanging Bridge of Maglahus.The Hanging Bridge of Maglahus is a hanging steel bridge conveniently situated along Cateel-Compostela Road. From Barangay Poblacion, going to the hanging bridge is approximately 30 minutes aboard habal-habal. It is also about 10 minutes ride away going to the majestic Aliwagwag Falls. [Read more…]


The beach is one of my favorite escapes and beach bumming, as I called it, is definitely my favorite outdoor escapade. Blame it to my hometown Cateel. It is where my love for the sun, the sand and the sea started. It is where the “son of the beach” in me was born. Cateel, situated in the great seas of the Pacific, is blessed with undisturbed coasts and pristine beaches truly so ideal to laze around – enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea. Among those unspoiled beaches I can truly take pride of is the MAHOC BEACH. Revisiting this beach was part of my quest while I was home. [Read more…]


I was at home for a day spending the rest of my stay in Cateel when suddenly a great boredom struck me. I must go somewhere and spend time to a place that would reconnect me to my yesteryears in hometown of Cateel. But to where? At a second, a good plan popped up in my mind that gave me an instant thrill. Yes, I wanted to visit a place I never get to see in 17 years. That thought, that plan instantaneously made me exhilarated.Right there I thought if there is one place I’d like to willingly rediscover in our hometown, it would be a place where my love for waterfalls started – Danog Falls, a place worth of my sentimental reminiscence. It is my first waterfalls experience shared with high school friends in Cateel. Every time we recall that experience, it always leaves beautiful smiles on our faces. [Read more…]


“What? Cream Sand Long Beach? That is new!” That was my initial reaction to the Facebook shoutout of my friend from my hometown Cateel announcing the launching of “San Antonio-Baybay Creamsand Longbeach” last year. It was a sort of surprise to me. I grow up there but I never heard such place. At an instant, the “son of a beach” in me wanted to go home basking into the beauty of this newest beach attraction in birthplace Cateel. But being tied up at work, I had to pass the opportunity witnessing the launching of this new pride and had to wait for my next visit to Cateel.Since that day, I had wanted to go home to experience beach combing at the Longbeach. But whenever I planned of visiting my hometown, it got always canceled. I had to wait for another ideal chance to come back. Until I forget such plan. [Read more…]