Every Januray, the peace loving Municipality of Bansalan celebrates DORONGAN FESTIVAL. This festival is a thanksgiving celebration honoring the child Jesus known to the FIlipinos as Santo Niño. A Sinulog-based celebration, Dorongan Festival is Bansalan’s way of reliving the tradition and culture of the Visayans whose devotion to the miraculous Santo Niño is widespread. The population of Bansalan is said to have roots in Cebu and other towns in the Visayas.

Since Bansalan is also home to the indigenous group called Bagobo, the festival is also adopted to symbolize Bagobo’s acceptance of Christianity when Catholicism was brought to Mindanao. The festival is also a celebration of unity and oneness despite diversity of culture and belief. Dorongan is a Bagobo term which literary means THANKSGIVING.



If you’re into gastronomical trip in Davao City, one of my highly recommended places that you should check out is the BABABOY RESTAURANT which has a newly opened branch in the night market district of Davao City, the Manuel Roxas Street.

Most of the food served here are of Chinese influence as the owner, Ey Liao, is of Chinese descent. He learned the art of cooking from his Chinese grandmother and inherited her heirloom recipes. Today, some of these recipes which he considered a traditional menu of his family are now being served at Bababoy Restaurant. But as he travels around the Philippines and other countries, he added a little twist to these delectable recipes to make more flavorbale and has international and even local tastes.


PILOT BEACH: Baganga’s Newest Beach Craze

Among the 11 municipalities of Davao Oriental sharing these untouched coasts, the Municipality of Baganga secretly possesses long beaches and lengthy coastline teeming mostly with captivating white sand shores. Secluded from crowded commercial tourism, these coastlines remain exquisitely unspoiled keeping its old world magic that exudes quaint setting of untouched nature – the kind of beach so perfect for those who love off-the-beaten type of beach adventures.

Adding to the many coastal wonders of Baganga is the newly opened PILOT’S VIEW BEACH RESORT located in Baybay Bobon, Salingcomot, Baganga, Davao Oriental.

VISIT BAGANGA and be mesmerized by the Coastal Wonders of the Eastcoast Jewel of Davao Oriental.



Indeed Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year as every city and town in the country celebrate the season with gladness, joy and much anticipation. This has been our tradition every year and we are known to have the longest Christmas celebration in the whole world.

In the Province of Davao Del Norte, one town celebrates the Holiday Season beyond the usual Christmas Celebration. The celebration is grand and has become the town’s signature event staged every year. This is the Kahayag Festival of the Municpality of Carmen which is now on its 6th year.

Kahayag Festival serves as the town’s celebration of thanksgiving for its bountiful blessings received each year and it is celebrated during the Yuletide season. During the whole month of December, the 4-hectare Town Plaza and Tourism Complex is adorned by giant Christmas Trees, different Christmas Lanterns, colorful Belens that all glitter and shine at night – a spectacular sight that draws the attention of the locals, tourists and even passers-by.

This is an LGU-initiated event but widely participated by the all Barangays, schools, various groups, private sectors and even different corporations.

During the month-long celebration, different festivities are staged every night participated by the different agencies and groups in the town. It has becomes one grand celebration that the people of Carmen looks forward to every year.

Kahayag Festival 2016 sa Carmen runs from December 2, 2016 to January 2, 2017. So, when you’re passing by Carmen, do drop by the Town Plaza and Tourism Complex and be mesmerized by this Holiday Landmark of Davao Del Norte.

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There is no doubt that the Philippines has the longest Christmas holiday season in the world and the Filipinos, even those who live abroad, are known to celebrate the season with great anticipation and wondrous merriment, and the City of Davao, along with its great people, is no different.

dscf3955For the entire month of December, the city beats with exciting and cheerful Christmas events known as Pasko Fiesta sa Davao. This yuletide merriment is part of the official annual event celebrated in the whole City of Davao.

dscf3894Pasko Fiesta has become the city’s tradition of celebrating the wonders and magic of Christmas. It also serves as year-ender celebration and thanksgiving for the bountiful blessings that the City and its people enjoy throughout the year – and that include the unity and camaraderie that people of Davao enjoy.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20164 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20165 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20166 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20167 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20168This Yuletide Festival has also become a way of showcasing Dabawenyos ingenuity and creativity. It is during this season that the city is filled with colorful decorative lightings adorned all over in the city – from street posts and center islands to public parks and government buildings. Everywhere, you can feel the spirit of Christmas.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201612 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201613 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201614 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201621The most anticipated event during Pasko Fiesta sa Davao is opening ceremony that highlights the traditional lighting of the Giant Christmas Tree at the Rizal Park and the City of Hall of Davao. This annual event draws spectators to witness and take a first glance of the glittering and shimmering showcase of Christmas lights that added more festive spirit in the area.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201625 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201626 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201627Year after year, the historical City Hall of Davao becomes a Christmas Symbol and a Holiday Landmark as locals and tourists flock in front of the city’s heritage building to see and take photos glowing structure. It becomes a fitting venue that provide Dabawenyos the opportunity to commune together to celebrate the yuletide season and share its message of love and peace. It is a perfect spot where families can come and bond together during yuletide season.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201628 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201629 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201630A wide range of activities for both locals and tourist are also available throughout the entire celebration of Pasko Fiesta sa Davao. Among the most anticipated activities is the Parade of Lighted Christmas Lanterns where a variety of well-decorated holiday symbols and lanterns are on display.

pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-20162 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201617 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201618 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201620 pasko-fiesta-sa-davao-201624Pasko Fiesta sa Davao 2016 runs from December 2, 2016 to January 2, 2017. So, when you’re in Davao City during this season, visit the City Hall of Davao and get yourself that one wonderful selfie at the city’s Holiday Landmark. Christmas in Davao City is Pasko Fiesta!!!pasko-fiesta-davao-2016