Advances in Ski Tech That You Can Benefit From

In recent years there seems to have been a huge drive in the amount of technology being put into ski equipment, but how much of this will be used by everyday skiers? The truth is, not much of the new-fangled tech will reach the masses but we can expect to see trickle-down tech becoming widely available.

New Ski Technology 

So what’s actually changed? This depends on how far back you’re looking, but in recent years equipment has become lighter, more robust and better designed with a much greater choice of shaped skis/ snowboards. This comes as a result of changing technologies, introducing new materials and an increased popularity in the sport.


>It isn’t just ski equipment that’s changed though, there’s now computers for everything and the clothes you ski in have completely changed. But how much of this will your average skier actually experience?

Trickle-Down Technology 

This is a phrase that has been firmly established across many industries and it refers to new technologies becoming available throughout the product range all the way down to the most basic products. One very obvious example of this is safety release bindings – when they were first brought out it was a revelation as it helped to prevent a lot of serious injuries, within a year it became the standard for bindings and now they are widely available at a range of prices.


Looking at more recent technologies, personal avalanche beacons have become very prevalent thanks to this technology. You can now buy a transmitter for as little as £70 compared to the £400-50 standard when they were first released. Some transmitters still cost hundreds and, as with all things, you pay for what you get but the basic ones benefit from this trickle-down tech allowing them to continually improve. 

Non-Ski Specific 

Something you may not have accounted for is the everyday technology that isn’t necessarily to do with skiing. For example, modern forms of transportation have drastically improved and become more affordable which has allowed greater numbers than ever before to engage in this sport.

OLAN 003

Phones, satellites and computers allow you to book the perfect catered ski chalets, compare prices, check the weather and much, much more! In fact, it is this technology that has helped to make skiing as popular as it is today, driving manufacturers forward in created the best possible gear for their consumers.

Comfort Equipment

While you may not feel comfortable spending £400-500 on a new pair of skis, you would probably be more than happy to drop £100 on some heated gloves, Goggles with a built-in fan that stop them from fogging up or headphones for inside your helmet. These are all technologies that work to make skiing a much more comfortable experience for everyone involved.

OLAN 004

It may seem strange, but these are the biggest technology advances for the masses while performance products brought in at the top level will only benefit a select few. Over time these products will become more affordable and a greater variety will be introduced, allowing this technology to be readily available to the masses.

About the Author – Snowchateaux is a family run business, providing luxury ski accommodation in the French Alps. Looking to make the most of your new ski technology? Book yourself in to our La Plagne chalets to experience the best that the Alps has to offer.



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