On any trip through East Asia, a visit to Hong Kong is an absolute must, full of rich history and culture, not to mention the delicious food. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, meaning no matter where you look, there’s always hustle and bustle and something to do. If you only have the chance to stop in Hong Kong briefly, don’t waste it!

DSC06017Eat, Eat, Eat

7.1 million mouths is an awful lot to feed, so fortunately there are plenty of eateries all over the city. US food magazine Saveur named Hong Kong the best culinary destination of 2014. There are plenty of local Cantonese specialities to sample, from simple steamed chicken to sweet and sour pork. Due to the huge influx of immigration from other Chinese states, there is a huge variety of other regional cuisines available from restaurants and street vendors in the city.

DSC06074Nan Lian Garden

In the midst of high rise towers and apartment blocks in Diamond Hill, lies the beautiful and tranquil Nan Lian Garden. Featuring the blue pond, the Perfection Pavillion, and endless beautiful landscaping, the garden was originally designed, along with the Chi Lin Nunnery, in 1934 and recently renovated and re-opened, inspired by the designs of the Tang Dynasty.

DSC06593Victoria Peak

If you’re worried about not being able to see all of Hong Kong, no matter – take the 120 year old Peak Tram up to Victoria Peak for a breathtaking view of the city. The panoramic viewing platform offers a chance to see the amazing Hong Kong skyline that puts the likes of London and Tokyo to shame, and is a great photo opportunity.

DSC06135Tan Tian Big Buddha

Sat overlooking a monastery, the Big Buddha is a 23m high bronze monument to Lord Gautama, and in April and May is a site of worship for Buddhists from all over the world. The site also features a small museum about the Buddha himself, a vegetarian restaurant, and the city’s only Tea Garden, from which you can purchase fresh tea leaves.

DSC06058Temple Street Night Market

If you have an evening to spare, visit Temple Street for a lively and large street market. It’s a great place to grab a bargain on anything from clothes, toys, gadgets, and street food. You may even be able to catch some open air opera performances or visit a fortune teller.



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